FoolMoon Parade – this Friday night!

Its back!

We will be bringing our Lumenotbots along for the bonkers downtown party that is Fool-Moon.

First we will meet at Design Lab 1 at 5.30pm to gather all of our materials, before heading down to Slauson Middle School for 7.20pm. There we will share out the Lumenotbots into Luminaries and march down with the crowd at 8pm. By 8.30 we’ll be downtown where there’ll be live music, projection mapping and laser shows, food, booze and djs into the night.

Join us whenever you can. Have a Luminary already? Bring it along!

Ideas Word Doc!

Hello all!

On the sidebar is a link to the Ideas Word Doc.


This is a place for you to keep up to date with goings on with the projects Electronic Lunch are currently working on, and a place for you to contribute thoughts / ideas / links to relevant material.


U-Monument Lumenotbot Party – Postponed until April 22nd

So, the Angell Hall party with the Lumenotbots that was due to take place at the end of January but was cancelled due to weather has now been postponed until Tuesday, April 22nd (9-10.30pm).

This Friday we’ll be meeting in DL1 at noon as per usual.

Next Week – NCRC – Lumenotbot Code

Hello All,

Lumenotbot code can be found here:

The Fools Lantern 9-13 is the latest for the receiving ‘bots, LanternController 9-13 is the latest for the controller.

Next week lets provisionally plan to meet at the North Campus Research Complex, the foyer of building 18.


If you turn south on Huron Parkway from Plymouth, turn right into the first driveway.  You will see a parking structure on your right (blue parking) and just beyond is a lot (yellow and guest parking).  Building 18 is directly across the street from the structure. There is a white marble “egg” sculpture at the door. If you travel by bus, they will let you out right at this same general location.
The Research Link bus also drops you right outside the door.
Minutes for this weeks (and all) meetings can be found here.

NCRC Building Spaces

Last Tuesday Michael Flynn and I checked out the various spaces for potential installations at the North Campus Reseach Center including the tunnel mentioned previously.


Heres what the tunnel looks like:



There are 13 buttresses with 2 power points per buttress (amazing!) and a small shelf on top to possibly house electronics on top.



Foot traffic is quite light but people walk in small groups. Footsteps are fairly quiet when compared to voices but that might be because of winter rubber boots.]

Its quite brightly lit but theres still some potential for gentle projections.


Also there are a lot of other spaces for works that Maureen is interested in filling;



We will be meeting this Friday at 12pm at DL1 to talk about this project  – a potential commercial venture, and next weeks Lumenotbot party (Keep next Wednesday 29th 8pm-10pm free if you want to join in! – Workshops at Alice Llyod hall on Monday and Tuesday evening. I’ll give more info on Friday).

The minutes and infos!

Here’s a google doc to where we will be keeping all of our notes and meeting minutes in order to keep everyone in the loop and keep track of progress!


Fridays 12pm to 1pm – Design Lab 1

Starting on January 17th we will begin this season’s weekly gatherings of Electronic Lunch.

Our regular meeting time will be at Noon every Friday. If you wish to join our mailing list then please send me a message at conorb [at] and I’ll be able to keep you up to date with occasional miscellaneous extras!

E.L. 2014

Happy new year Electronic Lunchenauts.


Between January and May we’ve got plenty of events and projects lined up, with plenty of opportunities to invent / make / exhibit your crazy ideas.


Jan 29th – ‘Context for Classics’ party with the Festifools crew

A one hour party with hundreds of people involved outside Angell Hall. Basically a giant outdoor rave. We will be bringing our Lumenotbots and possibly attaching them to lots of top-hats for dancers at the show.


March 15th – TedX UofM Interactive Installation

I’ve been asked to put together an installation piece for this year’s conference at the Power Center. Plans at the moment include a bunch of domestic lamps with LEDs that get triggered by playing a toy glockenspiel! There is still plenty of scope for ideation and a group will be formed from Electronic Lunch to work on this project.


April 4th – Fool Moon Parade

The lumenotbots rise again in our colorful overtaking of A2’s night sky.


Other projects;

North Campus Tunnel Installation

Up on North Campus there’s a pedestrian tunnel that we will be checking out near the start of the semester. We’ve been invited come up with something neat to make the trek under the road more interesting .


End of year downtown exhibition?

Also in the works is a potential opportunity to show off cool projects / an installation piece in downtown A2 near the end of the semester.


The projects listed above are opportunities for anyone to get involved in making something neat that combines tech / art / code / design.

But don’t forget, Electronic Lunch is also the place for any of you to bring your ideas to the table and see them realised through the amazing collaborative opportunities our community’s range of expertise can provide.

Anything from the simplest handheld device to more fanciful large scale projects is possible.


Our first meet-up will be on Friday January 17th at 12pm.


Lets make something great.

Thank you and see you in 2014!

Thank you all for making this semester’s Electronic Lunch the most productive, inspiring, and well fed term yet. I want to not only thank this year’s wonderful presenters and workshop leaders, but all of the participants who contributed to the wonderful collaborative learning experience.

Next year will have a more project oriented emphasis, with opportunities to exhibit works coming up. So please bring any of your project ideas when we reconvene in January and you could see it blossom in the same way last year’s Lumenotbots did! (Which also have an event planned outside Angel Hall at the end of January – more to come!)


But for now have a safe and happy break, and may your stockings be filled with electrical components

– Conor B


BeagleBone Workshop – Free Pizzas! Friday (6th) 12pm DL1

Our last workshop of the term will be led by Jason Kridner, the designer of the BeagleBone.


The BeagleBone is a credit card sized linux computer with hardware interfacing and internet capabilities.

Jason will have a bunch of boards for us to have a hands on workshop with these amazing devices that have revolutionised the field of micro-computing (heck theres even a bunch of these working away in space!)


Plenty of free pizza will be provided by Texas Instruments too!


This Friday 12pm, Design Lab 1 in the Duderstadt Center.Image