Electronic Lunch 02: Kinect “Hacking”

EDIT: Someone asked me last week if you could bring Kinect data into Matlab and I wasn’t sure; I just stumbled upon something that could be useful: nuiCapture

Today’s Electronic Lunch went great and we had a lot of awesome discussion afterward! Here are the links I promised:

Kinect SDK Downloads Remember to download BOTH parts!

FAAST Toolkit Download, unzip, and then run “FAAST.exe” – remember to switch “Tracker” to Microsoft before you try to connect.

Kinect USB Cable If you don’t have one of these, you’ll need it to start hacking.

We’ll add some images to this post later, but I wanted to get those links up for you so you can all get started right away! Also, let me know in the comments/via email/somehow, some way if you’re interested in an advanced Kinect workshop and I’ll start cooking something up.

PS: It would be mighty helpful if, when you made an account to post, it had your name and picture so we can learn your lovely faces faster!

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