NCRC Building Spaces

Last Tuesday Michael Flynn and I checked out the various spaces for potential installations at the North Campus Reseach Center including the tunnel mentioned previously.


Heres what the tunnel looks like:



There are 13 buttresses with 2 power points per buttress (amazing!) and a small shelf on top to possibly house electronics on top.



Foot traffic is quite light but people walk in small groups. Footsteps are fairly quiet when compared to voices but that might be because of winter rubber boots.]

Its quite brightly lit but theres still some potential for gentle projections.


Also there are a lot of other spaces for works that Maureen is interested in filling;



We will be meeting this Friday at 12pm at DL1 to talk about this project  – a potential commercial venture, and next weeks Lumenotbot party (Keep next Wednesday 29th 8pm-10pm free if you want to join in! – Workshops at Alice Llyod hall on Monday and Tuesday evening. I’ll give more info on Friday).

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