New: Electronics Resources Available in DL1

The Digital Media Commons has provided a small but intriguing cache of sensors, kits and other things, for use in DL1 or for checkout by special permission (ask Linda).

Cell Phone Sensors, Smart Backpacks, Neuroheadsets and More!

Lots of projects in the works!

  • Jason and Mat have been working on the MIDI keyboard to light LEDs.   If you want to be a part of this project, let them know you’d like to be added to their separate email list.
  • Noah is making a backpack for youth that will sense posture and a variety of other things.  He invites partners.
  • The 3D Lab’s Maker Bot should be ready to turn on this week – just in time to print parts for DL1’s RepRap.  Eric will be working on it during his DL1 shifts.   Feel free to jump in Mon 2 -6:30, Wed 4 – 9 or Fri 1:30 – 6.
  • The Emotiv Epoc neuroheadsets have arrived!  Eric M is working with one in the 3DLab; Dan F. is setting one up for Dl1.
  • Jason is working on interfacing cell phone sensors with Arduinos.  To help him out you can order *Free* samples from Linear Technology.  The sensor is the LT5534.  Request samples is under the Order Now/Buy tab.

EL is a freeform free-wheeling gathering

EL is a gathering of learners.  Everything said is likely to be re-said and revised, everything invented is likely to be repeated and reused.   When you suggest a project or choose to participate in a project, be clear with your collaborators about the aspects of your work that you’d like credit for.   Bottom line:   expect respect, be respectful, and come to learn (not to $earn)

TEDxUM is happening this year on April 8, with the theme:  “Encouraging Crazy Ideas”.    Representative Dylan Box came to EL to encourage crazy installations featuring electronics, anywhere on campus.     Organizing meetings will be held in DL1 at 2PM on Saturdays.   Everyone’s invited.

Next Time:  bring a white shirt if you want a QR tag printed on it.  We will have the printer and transfer paper available at the next lunch.