We Are Back!

Electronic Lunch Multi Discipline Gathering

Electronic Lunch has officially started for the Fall 2011 semester. After an exciting semester last year with projects like the Kinect puppet creating lots of talk, we are even more excited to see what happens this year. Mat will be continuing to facilitate discussions and has some ideas for brining in different materials as conversation starters. Come by and checkout what we are up to this semester, and as always, bring your creative juices!

As always:

Wednesdays: 12pm -1pm

Design Lab 1 (In the Duderstadt Center)


Kinect Puppet

Although this project was completed last semester it has taken awhile to get the videos in all one place.  I am happy we now have documentation of this exciting project!

Piano Long Exposure Photographs

These are some Long exposure photos of the piano being played. They are not final pieces but are examples of what future work might bring.
Piano Long Exposure

Piano Long Exposure

Piano Long Exposure

Piano Long Exposure

Piano Long Exposure

Piano Long Exposure

Sculptural Motion

This work was done by myself, but I am posting it because it is also in the gallery playing. It is a multidisciplinary project but done by one person. This project is how I met Marin Abell so I got something out of it.


Mapping of a Mouth

Today the video of the motion capture work for mapping a mouth was completed. The sculpture was 3D Printed at the U of M Architecture fab lab. Enjoy

LED keyboard.  Interactive Piano

The array of LEDs that are assigned to keys on the keyboard

Here is the piano created to do long exposure photography.  The black foam core allows for a matt background for photography.  The next step to this project is creating an RGB array and including different focal points for each light.

Transmission is a gallery installation that Electronic Lunch members used to show off the work they have done throughout the semester.  Further documentation of the projects will be coming soon.