The minutes and infos!

Here’s a google doc to where we will be keeping all of our notes and meeting minutes in order to keep everyone in the loop and keep track of progress!



BeagleBone Workshop – Free Pizzas! Friday (6th) 12pm DL1

Our last workshop of the term will be led by Jason Kridner, the designer of the BeagleBone.


The BeagleBone is a credit card sized linux computer with hardware interfacing and internet capabilities.

Jason will have a bunch of boards for us to have a hands on workshop with these amazing devices that have revolutionised the field of micro-computing (heck theres even a bunch of these working away in space!)


Plenty of free pizza will be provided by Texas Instruments too!


This Friday 12pm, Design Lab 1 in the Duderstadt Center.Image

3D Modeling for Printing Workshop – 15th November

3D Modeling for Printing Workshop - 15th November

This Friday’s workshop is on 3D modeling, showing you how to take ideas for real world objects from your imagination, to software, to print.
Led by the 3D lab’s Mia Cinelli (, this workshop will be a quick introduction to the process of creating 3D models for printing.

Design Lab 1, Duderstadt Center
12pm, Friday 15th November

Footage from Circuit Bending Workshop



This week at Electronic Lunch we want to learn about what you can make.
With an open ended show and tell format, bring along a project you are currently working on, something that you have made in the past, documentation of a previous project, or teach a skill to the rest of the group.

Through this we can learn from each other, find collaborators, trouble-shoot problems, and bask in your sheer greatness.

No matter how big or small – bring it along! From your first blinking LED to storyboards for your next robot-opera, we want to see it.

Processing Workshop – 11/1



Learn about Processing, an open source, sketching tool for designing visuals and prototyping ideas.

The workshop will be led by Macklin Underdown, a recent Performing Arts Technology Graduate now working for Detroit Labs.


Tomorrow (Friday) at noon in Design Lab 1 in the Duderstadt.


Electronic Lunch is BACK

Electronic Lunch is BACK

Come to our opening session at our new time of Fridays at noon in DL1.

We will have some free food in pizza form, and will introduce the upcoming sessions we will be having throughout the fall.
We want to hear what you guys want to learn! If you have any topics you would love to see covered, come along and let me know. Also if you’ve any projects that you need help with, here is the place to ask!