ArtPrize – September 28th

We’re going to ArtPrize!


We’ll be collaborating with the FoolMoon crew again to put together a lumenotbot-filled parade, similar to last April, except this time around in the settings of one of the largest public art festivals in the world.


To get the ball rolling, lets meet in DL1 (First Floor, Duderstadt Center, North Campus) this Wednesday (31st) at 1pm.

Saturday is Codeday

This Saturday at noon (we’ll meet in DL1 but may move to a different room), some of us will be getting together to start coding Roger’s microcontrollers to try have them communicate to each other and hopefully get some light patterns moving as well.

We will start at 12pm and will try and get as much done that afternoon as we can, so feel free to pop in even if you can’t stay the whole time.

The more minds the better and you will have a greater understanding of how our project will work.

Wednesday 23rd Jan. Yeaaaa

We’ll be getting together at the regular time of 12.30pm tomorrow (wednesday) in DL1.

I’m looking forward to hearing what came about last week.

 – Conor


(anyone with an interest in music controller design check this genius out)