Footage from Circuit Bending Workshop


Thanks for the productive session today!


Here are some links Roger sent me with details of some of the hardware we may be using.

Firstly it looks like we’ll be using Atmel chips. You can download their coding environment from here for free if you’d like to play around with it before we get stuck in.

The chips it looks like we’ll be using are these unless we can convince them to give us these for free!

There are also these microcontrollers with built in radio.

The LEDs we’ll most likely use.

And Roger recommends this as the best place to manufacture customised PCBs


So everybody should be coming up with ideas for the aesthetic of what we are doing. How will it look, how will the lanterns react, how will they work… ideas ideas ideas!

Nicole & I will put together some sort of bio/description of our project to put on the web and send to people interested in donating things/sponsoring/getting involved plus good old public exposure!

Roger is going to bring in the radio chips he already has and show us the very basics of how they are programmed.

The theme for this years festival is “Language: The Human Quintessence” (eh Brittan?!)

Their website also already has details of their lantern making workshops. We need to get in on it!!

Happy Holidays!

Electronic Lunch is now taking a break until we return in January.

I want to personally say thanks to all those who have contributed to this terms sessions, I have learnt a lot from experiencing the wide variety of expertise the lunches attract and I am looking forward to next years progress.

Starting in January we will be beginning our Festifools lantern project.

If you want to be involved in designing, manufacturing, and coding for a large scale public art project, join us next semester!


Lanterns & Kinects

Electronic Lunch is gonna be busy this week with an extra session this Friday afternoon.

Our very own Rachael Miller is going to be leading a more advanced Kinect hacking workshop on Friday 7th at 4pm at Design Lab 1, taking you beyond the basic computer applications for the Kinect and learn how to create your own customised projects. This workshop will be free and open to everyone in the university and out.


We will have a regular session on Wednesday at 12.30pm in DL1 where John Baird will be coming in to give us details of our next large group project.

We will be putting in place plans for next term where we will be building multiple lanterns containing RGB LEDs that synchronise their colour patterns with many others wirelessly for the full moon Festifools parade at the start of April. If you’d like to be involved in this large scale public art project, please come along – we’ll be developing these from scratch and learning along the way so no previous expertise is required.




Conor Barry is a musician, live sound & recording engineer, instrument designer, and sonic artist from Dublin, Ireland.

He is currently studying a Masters in Media Arts at the School of Music, Theatre, & Dance at UM, after graduating from Queens University Belfast with a BSc in Music Technology & Sonic Arts


Hacking USB devices to control music; Arduinos; Ableton Live; Max/Msp; Interactive Art; Noise


Electronic Lunch Fall 2012

Electronic Lunch will be returning to Design Lab 1 on Wednesday, October 17th at 12.30-13.30

There will be pizza.

What is electronic lunch?

– Electronic Lunch is a melting pot of students, staff, and the wider community interested in the intersection between art and engineering. By combining the expertise of its members, and giving them the tools necessary, anyone can propose an idea and see it realised over every week during lunch.